Neil Graham

Hi, I’m Neil Graham. Mostly, I’m a Wildlife, Aviation & Sports photographer. I enjoy photographing things that move!

Being based in Berkshire in the South East if England I am spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for subjects to shoot. With quick access to the country side and London it also offers great variety.

This photograph is CopyRight property of Rammell Photography

On a number of occasion’s I have had my work published in regional newspapers, which is something I’m looking to do a lot more of!

I have had the pleasure of appearing on photography podcast’s prior to Ready, Steady Pro. Previously I have been interviewed for the brilliant Photography 121 Podcast with Stephen Cotterell too!

My ambition is to first start making some money with my photography, to do that I’m looking to move into the wedding space. I have on a few occasions been a second shooter.

You can catch up with me through my website and also on all of the following Social Networks:

Neil Graham


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