RSP London Photowalk – Saturday 26th October

Meeting Location: Leadenhall Market
Date: Sunday 26th October 2014
Meeting Time: 12:00 noon onwards
Price: Free
Facebook Event:

LONDON Photowalk


You know the drill by now. I’m returning to my favourite city (and I’ve been to a fair few!) to photograph the sites, sounds and oddities of one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities. The melting pots of culture that is London!

You, the camera and the big city and of course the company of some incredibly talented other photographers. What could be better?

Also, I’m not sure if you noticed, but you’ll be charged a grand total of £0 for this event. Come on! Come and meet fellow photographers and have some fun.

The Route

  1. Meeting at Leadenhall Market at 12:00 we’ll start with the usual meet and greet.
    1. The nearest tube Stops are probably Monument, Bank, Tower Hill or Aldgate depending on your direction of travel
  2. We’ll stay at Leadenhall for a short while, even though the area will be relatively quiet on a Sunday.
  3. A few minutes from Leadenhall are some fantastic building such as ‘The Gherkin’ and other impressive architecture.
  4. From the Market Area we’ll head East towards the Tower of London, where they currently have the installation of thousands of ceramic poppies on display (more information here)
  5. After a short while we’ll then head back West, walking adjacent to the River towards London Bridge, where we’ll cross over to the South of the River.
  6. This will leave us in view of The Shard and just a stones throw from Borough Market, where depending on the time may well be our first stop for refreshments at Brew Wharf (very close to Borough Market. If the pace has been fast and the group want to continue, we may carry on and stop elsewhere for drinks a short while further into the route
  7. After a short break we’ll head towards Shakespeare’s Globe and the Millennium Bridge, where we will cross over to once again find ourselves North of the River
  8. At the North end of the Millennium Bridge we’ll be able to get some post card shots of St Paul’s Cathedral.
  9. If by the time we are at St. Paul’s and we haven’t stopped we can head towards the Blackfriar – a very well known pub just north of Blackfriars Bridge. From here we can head south over the bridge.
  10. From here we’ll be able to walk past / through the OXO tower building along the river.
  11. We’re now heading towards South Bank, and a little further on from that will the London Eye.
  12. The walk will most likely end here, but if we find we’ve marched and people want to continue I have an extended route I can take you, including Big Ben Downing Street, Horse Guards, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China Town, Covent Garden, and much more. But this extended route is possibly not for the feint of heart 🙂

What Can you Learn?

Everything or Nothing. It’s up to you. Come along for fun or come along to learn – this is a free event for all skill levels. If you would like to learn the art of approaching strangers for street portraits there will be an opportunity to learn from me the way I am successfully able to make portraits time and time again.

Alternatively, if Candid street photography is your thing I can help you look for moments, stories, faces and of course – the light!

Whatever your reason for coming along, there will be something for everyone. Fun guaranteed!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 26th October 2014

Confirm your attendance

Come and join the Ready Steady Pro Facebook Community and use the Facebook Event to stay up to date with the details of the event.

Looking forward to meeting you and making some great photographs!

Thanks / Michael


Ready Steady Pro London Meetup

The idea of a meet-up has been discussed a few times now in The Ready Steady Pro Community, and we’re finally taking action and getting one organised, so I’ve teamed up with the guys over at One Camera One Lens to arrange an action-packed day of Street Photography Fun in the UK’s capital city: London!

The date: Sunday 27th April.
The Place: London.
The Time: TBC, but likely some time around mid-morning. We are going to be there all day though, so if even if you catch up later in the day – that’s fine!
Price: It’s a free country. We can’t charge you to come and have fun with a group of photographers 🙂 All you have to do is get yourself there.
Join Us: See the form at the bottom of this post

The last London Meetup I organised was for The Guild of Photographers back in 2013. It was a great day out with a superb group of photographers. I’m sure this trip will be just as much fun!

The class of 2013 @ the Guild Of Photographers London Meetup

What will we be doing? Where will we be going?

The best way to see any city is to walk and wander. Whilst we are drawing up a list of places to go and things to see, it will be a day of street photography where we wander from place to place and photograph along the way. There will be no strict itinerary.

A rare colour street photography photograph from Michael Rammell
Sunset Busker – London Street Photography

The idea of visiting The National Portrait Gallery to take a look at David Bailey’s Stardust Exhibition has been mentioned. Nothing is booked yet though and we’ll probably be able to purchase tickets on the day. (tickets available from the Nation Portrait Gallery Website). The best thing to do would be to register an interest below using the form, or join us over on Facebook. If it is decided that we are indeed going to The National Portrait Gallery, we’ll either let you know via email (complete the form below), or you’ll see the Facebook update on the Event Page.

I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun and probably a bite to eat too, so, if you’re around on Sunday 27th April come join the meet-up. Would be great to meet some of you for the first time and to meet others again and catch up! More details will be confirmed closer to the time (times and meeting location etc) so be sure to sign up to updates or join the Facebook Events Page to stay in-the-know.

Michael Rammell London Street Photography Black and White Portrait
Just too serious

Be sure to check out the One Camera One Lens blog and if you’re a believer in creative-eye-over-gear then perhaps the One Camera One Lens Facebook Group is just the thing you’ve been searching for.

So, for now sign up to keep up to date. More news to follow. Looking forward to meeting you all in London!