2013 Stitcher Awards – Vote for RSP

The Stitcher Awards are here! In celebration and recognition of another banner year in talk radio and podcasting, Stitcher is hosting the 2nd Annual Stitcher Awards

Stitcher Awards 2013

Ready Steady Pro needs your help! Since the start of September 2013 we’ve recorded 12 episodes, been downloaded over 4,000 times, provided over 15 hours of listening pleasure and as a result of all of that we’ve built a totally free library of over 35 amazing photography-related gems for you. Each and every week we talk photography, the business of photography and so much more on the show. So we’re asking you: Vote for Ready Steady Pro!” in the Stitcher Awards 2013.

Nominations will be open until December 24th so vote now!

Stitcher Podcast Awards - Nominate us!

According to Stitcher:

“Winners and finalists will be featured at the show and on a special Stitcher Station and will enjoy featured placements across social media and press. Finalists will be announced on December 31st. There will be 6 finalists in each category. Selections will be based on the total number of nominations and Stitcher List ranking…Nominations will be open until December 24th, 2013

You can vote for Ready Steady Pro in of any of the categories that Stitcher have open for this years awards. You can submit a vote for each category too, so you can mention Ready Steady Pro in more than one way. Why not vote for RSP as ‘Best Overall Show’, ‘Most Original Show’, ‘Best Interview of the year’ and even ‘Best new show’? All you have to do is visit the Awards page and type ‘Ready Steady Pro’ into each box. It should automatically appear for you to select and then click ‘Submit’. That’s it. That’s your vote done! (Pssst…you can also vote for the show more than once! But…not on the same day). So, if you really love what we’ve got going here you can head over to the vote page and submit as many times as you like!

Radio ThumbsI’ve always said if we can grow the show and get more listeners we can improve the content, get bigger and better guests and give more back to you guys: The Listeners. That’s what it’s all about.

We’ve been very fortunate so far to have great guests on the show for interviews, such as Andrew Hellmich and world-famous photographer Frank Doorhoff .W’re not stopping there though: we’ve also got David DuChemin (See CreativeLive and Craft & Vision) and Martin Bailey lined up for appearances in the new year too. Those guys and so many more are going to be coming on the show in 2014 in what will surely be a huge year for the Podcast.

Lets get started

So, vote for Ready Steady Pro in the Stitcher awards. Help us get our message out there to help and inspire more new photographers coming into the industry. Help us to grow the show. Your time is much appreciated. These votes, comments and reviews on other platforms is forever appreciated.

If you vote for the show let me know using a comment below, or by sending me an email (michael@rammellphotography.com). Everyone who votes for the show will get a mention on the Podcast (even if we get hundreds of votes! I’ll mention you all!)