Community Discussion Topic: Pre-shoot Preparations

What’s your pre-shoot ritual? Sure, we all charge the batteries, format the cards and clean our lenses, but what else do you do to prepare yourself and your equipment for a shoot?

There are some who can’t feel prepared unless they know that they have been through a rigourous set of equipment checks: is it all working, is everything packed?

If you have a list you complete before each shoot share and discuss it with us over in the Ready Steady Pro community

In the usual way I’ve posted this video to kick off the question / discussion:

The idea behind these videos and scenarios is to encourage us to discuss what we would do if they were to happen to each of us as a photographer in business. Discussing as a community is sure to conjure up a vast array of responses, each of them different from one another. There may not always be one correct answer, but by talking about it I sincerely hope it will encourage us to give thought to our actions and better-equip us to deal with the things that this industry and our clients throw at us.


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