Michael Rammell

Michael Rammell
Michael Rammell

Back in 2013, Michael started a small Facebook Group for people who weren’t quite yet full time photographers. Initially, the group was called ‘Photographers In Transition‘ (Not so good). Michael’s intention was to simply share all those little gems he’d found across the internet over the years of being addicted to photography. YouTube Videos, inspirational Blog posts, thought-provoking questions…that sort of thing.

Eventually the content in  the ‘Photographers In Transition’ group was just too good to simply be a posted in a private group, so the idea to discuss everything in a Podcast was born.

Over time things have changed and the group then became known as we know it today: Ready Steady Pro! (Far better, right?)

Michael is the host of the Ready, Steady Pro podcast and best known for Wedding Photography . Michael is based in Berkshire, England.

As a keen listener of podcast’s Michael has also appeared on a number of popular Photography Podcasts as a guest, including the excellent Photobiz Xposed Podcast with Andrew Hellmich and the thought-provoking and engaging Photography 121 Podcast with Stephen Cotterell. Both available through iTunes.

In addition to shooting Weddings, Michael is a keen Nature and Wildlife Photographer and a very active moderator on the Martin Bailey Photography Google+ Community

As a professional Photographer Michael remains a registered member of The Guild Of Photographers

For more information and to catch up with Michael, visit his Web site, and follow him on the following social networking services:

Personal Pursuits (Michael’s Landscape & Nature Photography website)

Twitter – @RammellPhoto


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