Podcast 4 – To Specialise, or Generalise? That is the Question

The photographers on the show with me today include 2 new voices: First up we have the lovely Mary Angelini joining us from Chicago, in the States (just to demonstrate that the show has some international appeal :). Joining Mary as the other newcomer is Mr Jeff Hall from the UK. Completing the line-up today is regular guest Lee Jones and Neil Graham

In this show, which is episode 4 we’ll be discussing the Specialising vs Generalising.

Whilst some would say there is nothing wrong with wanting to shoot everything to gain maximum exposure, others may argue that specialising and shooting one niche is the best way to move your photography business (and skill set) forward. Then again what about the seasonality of some niche’s such as wedding photography? Should photographers shoot other things, say food, portraits or commercial, during the winter months to keep cash flow coming in? I’m really excited about this topic and am really looking forward to hearing the thoughts of my guests.

So be sure to take a listen to hear what my guests and I have to say on the topic.

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Ready Steady Pro HQ
Ready Steady Pro HQ

This weeks Topics

To Specialise, or Generalise. That is the Question

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Michael Rammell
Lee Jones
Neil Graham
Mary Angelini
Jeff Hall


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