Podcast 6 – Social Media. Are you doing it (Right)?

For episode 6 we’re back to the Round Table discussion and this week we talk about Social Media for Photographers.

There’s no doubt that social media is a great avenue to advertise your work, to drum-up interest and make people aware you even exist. Problem is: everyone is doing it (even Uncle Bob!). So, we discuss ways you can be different to increase your social media footprint and help you to get your message to more of the clients you’re looking for! Should you be everywhere all the time, or is a more focussed and measured approach the way to go? We leave you with a quick Social Media Strategy and as always each guest will have a little gem as a gift to you; the listeners.

On the show this week is a new voice in Mr Rob Grimes, who is joined by regular guests Tracey Christina and Neil Graham.

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This weeks Topic

Social Media. Are you doing it (Right)?

Today’s Little Gems

  • Rob’s Gem was his OODA Loop – a graphical means to show the circle of improvement and maintenance of standards if you will. By continuously focussing on the things in the OODA Loop you’re surely on a path to success
  • Tracey was kind enough to share the magic of PhotoMechanic from CameraBits.com – a piece of software for Mac and PC that speeds up your culling and editing process no end. It’s available for just $150!
  • Neil’s Gem today was Martin Bailey – the brains behind Martin Bailey Photography. Martin is a Landscape and Wildlife Photographer, eBook author and workshop leader & teacher. Check out Martin here and join the G+ Community too.
  • Michael’s Gem for episode 6 was Rosh Sillars. Rosh is an SEO and Google Guru and is always on top of the latest SEO trends. If you’re looking to keep on top of your SEO then Rosh’s weekly podcast is a great, bitesize listen that will help you do just this.


Show Notes / Links

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
Rob Grimes
Tracey Christina
Neil Graham


2 thoughts on “Podcast 6 – Social Media. Are you doing it (Right)?

    • No problem at all Rosh.

      In a world full of innacurate and complex information, you have a talent to make that information bite-size and digestible!

      I must admit, the guys and I had a chat after the show and we did agree that we need someone to come on the show and tell us about SEO, because we’re no experts!

      Would you be willing to come on the show for an interview to talk about SEO for Photographers?


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