Photographer in Focus

Photographer in Focus puts the spotlight on one photographer for a week.

The idea is that for a week we’ll have one photographer and their website as the ‘Photographer in Focus’. Here we’ll link to the website, talk a little about what that photographer does and basically suggest that people go take a look at their website.

Followers and subscribers of the Ready Steady Pro blog will all receive an email each time a new post is published to the site. Each post is also then shared to over 1,400 people on twitter, 900 on Google+ and of course all over Facebook too. So, hopefully it will be good SEO boost for you too 🙂 The Photographer in focus post will remain active permanently on the blog too*, meaning you’ll always have that back link there from RSP.

Photographer in Focus

To apply to be our ‘photographer in focus’ simple complete the form below and let us know a little bit more about you and your beautiful website:


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