Tracey Christina

Hello, I’m Tracey Christina a semi professional photographer based in Warwickshire.

I was a bit of a late starter in terms of my finding my passion for photography and so didn’t pick up my first camera at the age of 2 ¾ like many of my fellow artists and have only really been interested on a serious level for the last 4 or so years.

As with many of my approaches in life I found my way into my craft in a rather unorthodox manner and actually learnt to use Photoshop to manipulate digital artworks before I even owned a camera!  It was from there that I decided to see if I would enjoy editing and manipulating my own images and so my journey into photography began.

In order to challenge and push my skillsets I embarked on a 365 self portrait project in 2011 which involved taking a self portrait every day for an entire year.  Not wanting to just do simple shots I really tried to think outside the box and come up with different concepts where time and imagination allowed!  While I enjoyed the project I wouldn’t ever do another as it almost took over my life!

Conceptual artwork will always remain my passion and am very happy spending 8 hours in photoshop putting a piece of artwork together!  Currently however, I am spreading my wings a little more and taking a walk into the wonderful world of wedding photography.  Most weekends I am out and about second shooting for some amazing photographers who are gracious enough to allow me along for the ride.

I hope to expand my portfolio in the coming months to include many new areas of photography as I always like a challenge!

Anytime that I am not photographing I am usually eating scones or baking cakes!


You can also find me here:





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