Little Gems

In each episode of Ready, Steady Pro we ask each guest to contribute something for the listeners – something that you can takeaway and implement into your business. We call them Little Gems.

This is the place we collect all those little gems and store them in one place, like a library of really useful content, including Video’s, Blogs, eBooks, Courses, Gear and much, much more.

Take a look at our library of Little Gems, here:

Episode 15 – Gear for Photographers: What’s in our bags?

Episode 14 – An Interview with Valerie Jardin

  • Valerie Jardin’s Gem was to contact / email at least 5 people every day! Be proactive, don’t wait for people to come to you. Send those emails and pick up the phone. “The only way you’re going to survive is if you make things happen for you”; Valerie Jardin

Episode 13 – An Interview with Phil & Helen Silverman

  • Michael’s Gem today was OKDOTHIS. The new Social Media app from Jeremy Cowart. Be inspired. Download the App from the App Store of iOS Devices

Episode 11 – Pricing for Photographers

  • Neil’s Gem for the show this week was the 3-in-1 Rogue Honeycomb Grid from ExpoImaging. A flash accessory he picked up a few weeks ago from Calumet.
  • Lee’s Gem was Zoe Richards’ eBook: ‘100 Lessons I wish I learned sooner as a photographer in business”
  • Phil’s Gem was a friendly warning concerning the weight of Nikon Flashes bending the Hot shoe’s on his camera’s when hung upside down (for example when used with straps such as the BlackRapid). Caution is advised! If you’re using a strap that allows you to have your camera’s upside down. Phil was using Nikon D700’s and had to bend the hot shoe’s back with pliers! (the bending of the Hot Shoe’s result in flash mis-fires!)
  • Helen was very kind and wanted to share 2 Gems with is today:
  • DON’T DISCOUNT. Work on a perceived value approach. Instead of £100 off, why not throw in £10 worth of prints. £10 cost to you, perception of cost to the client is much higher.
  • Manage clients’ expectations. Don’t be afraid to say no. Work with the couple and offer alternative solutions instead of saying ‘No’.
  • Michael’s Gem was 10% off’s Luxe business cards. The thickness of 3 business cards with a seam of colour in the middle

Episode 10 – An Interview with Frank Doorhoff

Episode 9 – An Interview with Photographer Andrew Hellmich

Episode 8 – Knowing Your Target Market and How to Appeal to Them

Episode 7 – An Interview with Photographer Rob Grimes

  • Rob’s Gem today is a twist on Brett Florens’ ‘KISS’ approach. Rob Tells us ‘KISSES’: Keep ISimple, Stylish, Exciting, Sexy.
  • Michael’s Gem for this episode was The Guild of Photographers – A UK-Based Photography Association where

Episode 6 – Social Media. Are you doing it (Right)?

  • Rob’s Gem was his OODA Loop – a graphical means to show the circle of improvement and maintenance of standards if you will. By continuously focussing on the things in the OODA Loop you’re surely on a path to success
  • Tracey was kind enough to share the magic of PhotoMechanic from – a piece of software for Mac and PC that speeds up your culling and editing process no end. It’s available for just $150!
  • Neil’s Gem today was Martin Bailey – the brains behind Martin Bailey Photography. Martin is a Landscape and Wildlife Photographer, eBook author and workshop leader & teacher. Check out Martin here and join the G+ Community too.
  • Michael’s Gem for episode 6 was Rosh Sillars. Rosh is an SEO and Google Guru and is always on top of the latest SEO trends. If you’re looking to keep on top of your SEO then Rosh’s weekly podcast is a great, bitesize listen that will help you do just this

Episode 5 – An Interview with Photographer Lel Hurst

Episode 4 – Specialise or Generalise

Episode 3 – An Interview with Photographer Lee Jones

Episode 2 – Branding, Websites, Customer Service & Business Strategies


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