FREE Webinar: 6 Secrets to a Profitable Wedding and Portrait Business

Join Steve Saporito, Bryan Caporicci and Jeff Jochum as they share with you their 6 Secrets to a profitable Wedding and Portrait Business in this absolutely FREE Webinar on Tuesday 25th @ 9PM (if you’re UK based).

These three guys have an absolute wealth of knowledge between them when it comes to this industry which can often feel like a minefield. So, let them help you navigate it! In this Webinar they promise to teach you:

  1. 6 Strategies to implement that will transform your photography business
  2. The biggest mistakes you are making when dealing with your clients
  3. Why clients are saying you’re “Expensive”


2015 will see me transition from the day job into full time photography and some of the most sage advice I’ve been given came from Steve Saporito himself. Steve taught me perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt as a photographer so far. It sounds like a simple one, but I’ll tell you for free that it’s the most powerful tool I have when it comes to booking clients. Steve told me: “You just have to care”. I instantly adopted this approach even more, taking on board the other things that Steve said and really listened to my clients. I asked them questions about them, how they felt about one another, how they met and really showed a genuine interest in their answers. I started to connect with my clients on a new level and through that I was able to start booking more clients AND at higher averages than before. It’s not a jedi mind trick, it’s not neuro linguistic programming: as Steve says – You just have to care! If, in that one nugget of information Steve has helped me to book more clients and increase my average from £650 per client to over £1,000, then that tells me that this is a Webinar that I must tune into. And so should you!

You may remember our very own interview with Steve from Episode 17 of the Ready Steady Pro Podcast – which has proven to be the most popular download to date with well over 1,000 downloads more than the second most popular episode. If you liked what you heard in that interview, then you’re going to love what Steve has to say in this Webinar. (Did I mention it’s free?)

So, sign up to the webinar now – places are limited so be sure to book your place.


Podcast 5 – An interview with Lel Hurst

Lel Hurst Photo Shoot Brighton by Rob Grimes Photography   36For Episode 5 we’re back to the interview format. Today our guest is Lel Hurst of Despite being very, very, very (very), nervous Lel smashed this interview right out of the park. Lel was open and honest and shared some very personal things that have happened to her during her journey into her photographic career to date. In today’s Interview we talk about:

  • How Lel believes in training
  • How Lel’s confidence has grown, and grown over the years and the impact this has had on her as a businesswoman
  • How shooting all the time has helped Lel to hone her craft
  • We discuss supportive partners
  • Lel admits that she see’s faces…in everything and anything (See ‘Grumpy Bag’)
  • We also touch on the business side of things and discuss milestones, targets & goals

This sure is an insight into the very talented of a photographer who is on her way to success. I’ve no doubt at all, like me, that everyone who listens to this will be able to relate to what Lel is saying. At some point we’ve all been in Lel’s situations (and if you haven’t been yet I’m sure you will be at some stage). So sit back and enjoy this interview with Lel Hurst! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

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