Don’t Adjust Your Set

The Podcast is returning and new episodes are ready for release!


I’ve had numerous emails, messages on Facebook and posts to the Ready Steady Pro Community all asking the same thing: “Is my Podcast App broken?”

Don’t sweat it guys. Your Podcast app is not broken!

The last episode of the podcast, episode 14 was released on January 13th. I remember saying at the start of that episode that my newborn son was sleeping well at the time and that I didn’t want to jynx it.Well, I did just that! That first week he was sleeping wonderfully but almost immediately after that episode was released he started to wake during the night. Suffice to say we were tired! Add to that the fact we have an energetic two year old daughter too meant that my poor wife was left holding a sleepless baby and chasing after a bundle of energy.

bundle of energy

It was time for some time off! Lel Hurst perhaps put it the best way I’ve heard so far: “Michael’s been on Paternity leave”.

Well things are going smoothly again now and after plenty of time spent at home with the family It’s about time to begin podcasting again. So I’m very pleased to announce that as of Tuesday 8th April you’ll start to see one episode every week in your podcast feed!

For Episode 15 I’m really pleased to share a round table discussion that I had with Lel Hurst, Lee Jones, Rob Grimes and Neil Graham where we talked about what gear we had in our bags to shoot our niches. we discussed what gear we couldn’t live without and even what gear we could easily have not bothered buying when we started out.

So, if you’re new to the game (whether it’s weddings, portraits, sports or wildlife) I hope that this episode will have something in it for you.

Oh, and as I do with every episode I’ve got some news and some announcements that I’ll talk about a little bit both at the start and at the end of episode 15 including ways you too can get involved with Ready Steady Pro!

Stay Tuned to The podcast for photographers turning pro!