Photoshop & Lightroom: £8.78 with Adobe CC (No previous purchase required)

Previously, if you wanted to move in on the Adobe Creative Cloud deal to get CS6 & LightRoom 5 for the amazing low price of £ per month, you could only do this if you’d previously owned a copy of Creative Suite (either CS3, CS4 or CS5.)
Well now Adobe are letting everyone in on the deal! BUT ONLY FOR A FEW MORE DAYS!



Now, you can get the latest version of Adobe LightRoom and CC for the low, low price of £8.78 per month (Inclusive of VAT!). No previous purchase required. This deal is truly open to all!


Okay, Okay, I can see comments and all sorts coming my way about the pro’s & con’s of the Creative Cloud, but to be honest this post is purely intended to highlight the price and amazing availablity of the offer to everyone. I could spend the time pre-empting questions and defending Adobe’s plans but there are a few things stopping me:

1 – I’m not teally qualified to comment on what Adobe get up. All I do is continue to use their products and enjoy them
2 – Scott Kelby has already written an extensive Q&A blog. Why duplicate work, right?

If you want all the facts my advice would be to head over to Scott Kelby’s blog and check out the extensive Q&A Section he has going on there. Chances are the answer to your question is right there!


Click here to see the deal:


10% Discount: Luxe Business Cards from

Some may say that in a world where many transactions and interactions happen online, things like business cards may seem a little old-hat. I beg to differ however, particularly if you’re in a creative market such as photography.

I’m a huge advocate of business cards – they have can have quite an impact. A dull and cheap feeling card can very much leave a potential client with the exact same impression of your business (that you’re dull and cheap too!) whereas something a little more interesting, creative and stand-out can have your clients asking you all sorts of questions.

This is why I order Luxe business cards from

What Is ‘Luxe’?

Well, I could write a long blog post to explain, but then I thought “Why not just do a video?” So, that’s what I’ve done.

In the video I talk about Moo’s service, the quality of the cards including the printing. I go over a little issue I had with colour differences and tell you what Moo have done to resolve it and I also include a code for 10% off should you order yourself any printed products from Moo – so, there is some take home value for you!

Below the video are some hi-res images, so, if you’re in a place where you can’t watch a video, just take a look at the images instead!

So, What Do They Look Like Up Close?

I’ve done a few quick shots on my desk just to give you an idea of what they cards look like up close. I’ve only photographed 4 of my 5 designs as I had colour issues with one of them (I talk about it in the video).

Be sure to click the images to view them at a larger size:

How Do I get the 10% Discount?

Simple, Just click here to head over to the discount page at

If you end buying a set of Luxe cards (or any of their products for that matter) it’d be great if you could tweet them and share them with us:

Twitter – @ReadySteadyPro
Facebook – Ready Steady Pro Community

10% Discount from Squarespace

I am exstatic to announce that the great guys over at have agreed to sponsor the Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast!

I approached Squarespace earlier this week with a view to having them provide you guys – the listeners with a discount code for their amazing services. As you may know I use Squarespace for and have done for over 2 years now! It makes creating an amazing looking website such an easy task!

Now, I know that some people are quite anti-ads in podcasts, but I have to be honest: This show costs me money from my own pocket to record, host and run every week. This sponsorship with Squarespace will allow the show to grow and go from strength to strength.

Squarespace: Everything you need to create an exceptional website
Squarespace: Everything you need to create an exceptional website

I would NOT be promoting Squarespace if it was not a product I didn’t believe in myself

As a working photographer with a day job as well my time is precious and I cannot afford to sit around coding and playing games with the other platforms. Squarespace enables me to design the website I have in my mind and better.

Squarespace offer code:

So, for 10% off your first purchase head over to or use offer code “READY” at the checkout