Community Discussion Topic: Increased Albums Costs

This is the first of a new series of videos I’ll be posting to the Ready Steady Pro community, asking questions and setting pretend (albeit very feasible) scenarios that we as working photographers could possibly have to contend with. The idea behind these questions and scenarios is to get every one talking about how they would handle the situation. The discussion, I hope, will stimulate us to think about our actions and will better-equip us to deal with what this industry and our clients will at some stage throw our way.

The first scenario I have for you is relating unexpected increased costs from your album supplier:

The question for those not able to view the video is this:

You’ve not sold an album for a short while now, but your most recent client has just placed an order with you. You then find that the album supplier has increased the cost of their products by 10%.

You speak to the supplier who tell you they’ve been communicating the price increase for months. You check your email and the updates from your supplier are in your Junk folder.

How do you deal with this scenario?

The idea behind these videos and scenarios is to encourage us to discuss what we would do if they were to happen to each of us as a photographer in business. Discussing as a community is sure to conjure up a vast array of responses, each of them different from one another. There may not always be one correct answer, but by talking about it I sincerely hope it will encourage us to give thought to our actions and better-equip us to deal with the things that this industry and our clients throw at us.


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