Put your questions to Neil Buchan-Grant

On Saturday 14th June  I’m going to be heading down to Winchester in the UK to meet the supremely talented Neil Buchan-Grant to record an interview for The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast.

(You absolutely must check out Neil’s work)

Copyright Neil Buchan-Grant
Copyright Neil Buchan-Grant

Neil is the British Press Travel Photographer of the Year, so for those of you interested in travel photography this should be a great interview! In addition to Neil’s work as a travel photographer he is also an Olympus Ambassador, a prize winner for his photographs and an astute businessman. I’m going to be talking to Neil about all of this and much more.

I didn’t want to hog all the fun though and just ask the questions I have, so I wanted to provide you guys – the Ready Steady Pro Readers, listeners and community members – the opportunity to put forward your own questions for The British Press Travel Photographer of the Year!

Neil Buchan-Grant
Neil Buchan-Grant

So, if you have questions about what it takes to be a travel photographer, how to win awards, mirrorless cameras, working with models, or anything of that nature please do drop a comment below, send me an email to michael@rammellphotography.com or complete the contact form:


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