Podcast 16 – An Interview with David DuChemin

Episode 16 of the Ready Steady Pro Podcast brings you the first Interview since Michael has returned from his break. This week on the podcast Michael chats with the one and only David DuChemin.


If you’ve not heard of David DuChemin then you need to firstly listen to this interview, but also check him out online. David owns the amazing Craft & Vision eBook company. C&V are, in my mind, the best photography book company out there. The C&V books are not only amazingly finished and full of so much quality, but they’re usually only $5 too! David himself is a very humble and intelligent gentleman and I really enjoyed this interview.

We talk about David packing his life into a Land Rover, falling off a wall in Italy, starting all over again, starting an eBook company as a happy accident, we talk about inspiration, creativity, vision, business, his appearance on Creative Live and so much more. I can’t believe we didn’t go on for 3 hours with this chat.

There are also lots of news and announcements at the end of today’s show too, including lots of ways you can too can get involved with Ready Steady Pro such as Photographer In Focus, Photography Q&A and how you can apply to appear as a guest on the show!

It’s good to be back! So get ready for another cracking episode. Notepads to hand!

Sit back and enjoy this episode of Ready, Steady Pro! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast. You can also watch the original Google+ Hangout on YouTube (but you will miss out on all of Michael’s news & updates

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This weeks Topic

An Interview with David DuChemin

Today’s Little Gems

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Vision Driven Photography – Creative Live
The Created Image Video Series Volume 1
Vision Mongers by David DuChemin

Show Notes / Links

Craft & Vision
An Interview with David DuChemin – Original YouTube Broadcast

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
David DuChemin


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