Podcast 15 – Gear for Photographers: What’s in our camera bags?

We’re back! Let’s get back into the swing of things with this really apt song!

It’s been far to long I know! But The Ready Steady Pro Photography Podcast is back! Episode 15 see’s us returning with a show recorded back in mind January. I was once again joined by the old guard (old as in they’ve been on the show before, not actually old) to talk about what gear we have in our bags. My guests for this episode include Rob Grimes, Lel Hurst, Neil Graham and Lee Jones.

Each of my guests today views the gear in their bags in a slightly different way and put emphasis on different items too. We talk about lenses and bodies, of course, but also other items and accessories you should have along with you on a wedding day. The subject of third party lenses comes up too when Rob touches on why he uses Sigma. I also ask my guests to talk about what items they easily could have done without when they first started and also to talk about the items they absolutely could not do without if push came to shove.

There are also lots of news and announcements at the end of today’s show too, including lots of ways you can too can get involved with Ready Steady Pro such as Photographer In Focus, Photography Q&A and how you can apply to appear as a guest on the show!

It’s good to be back! So get ready for another cracking episode. Notepads to hand!

Sit back and enjoy this episode of Ready, Steady Pro! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

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This weeks Topic

Round Table Discussion: “What’s in our camera bags?”

Today’s Little Gems

Rob Grimes: Focal Lens Calibration Software
el Hurst: BoredPanda.com – Beautiful, Artistic & Fun. Check out this website
Neil Graham: SLR Lounges Complete review of Canon Lenses: Which lenses are best?
Neil Graham: Gordon Parks (found through Ted Forbes) – Check out his work
Lee Jones: Ready Steady Pro Facebook community – come along and join the Facebook community
Michael Rammell: One Camera One Lens by Paul Griffiths

Show Notes / Links

Sigma Lenses

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
Lee Jones
Lel Hurst
Neil Graham
Rob Grimes


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