Get Involved with Ready Steady Pro

Ready Steady Pro isn’t just a podcast and a blog. It’s a community of photographers who are all looking to learn and help each other out on the path to photographic success. Whether you’re looking to build a successful business or just improve your photography; Ready Steady Pro aims to be the resource to help you towards those goals.We want to help give back to you – the listeners of the Podcast, the readers of the blog and the contributors to the ever-growing and wonderful Ready Steady pro Group. So, here’s how you get involved with Ready Steady Pro and get yourself some more exposure out there on the World Wide Web:

Photography Q&A

In 2014 we launched the Ready Steady Pro Q&A Series. A simple, weekly feature on the blog where we ask 5 questions and share your answers with the world. The questions are always the same and excessive typing is encouraged!


Appear on the Podcast

Anyone can appear on the show, either as part of one of our great round-table discussions or for a one on one interview. If you’re up for a chat for all the world to listen to just fill out this form here: Appear on the Show

Ready Steady Pro HQ
Ready Steady Pro HQ

Write for Ready Steady Pro or Re-blog one of your posts

If you would like to Write for Ready Steady Pro It’s really easy to do – Just head over to the ‘Get Involved’ page and click ‘Write for Ready Steady Pro‘. Complete the form and we’ll send you all the details you’ll need.

Photographer In Focus

Each week we choose a photographer from a list of applicants a shine a light on their website and their work! It’s our way of saying thank you for joining the community and taking part! Apply here to appear as the ‘Photographer in Focus’

Photographer in Focus

Ask a Question

Or, just contact us if you have any questions

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