Photography Q&A with Terry Richards

As part of the Ready Steady Pro Q&A Series we ask photographers from all backgrounds, niches and skill levels to answer 5 questions for the blog. This week, we hear from Terry Richards of Terry Richards Photography.

Terry Richards

About Terry:

As already stated above, my name is Terry Richards, I am 33. I live in a tiny little town called Ingersoll, in Ontario Canada. I have always liked photography, whenever I got the chance when I was younger I would nab my dads slr and waste a few frames (didn’t really know what I was doing back then. When I was finishing up school I actually wanted to go to college for photography and graphic design, but due to circumstances that never happened and I forgot about photography for several years. Then almost exactly 3 years ago without really thinking much about it I decided to buy a Nikon D7000. I spent the next two years watching every online video that I could find learning how to use it. Then last year I was asked by a couple friends to photograph their wedding (isn’t that how it always starts?)

After that I was hooked, I started a website, started advertising, I did 5 weddings this summer, and so far have 6 booked for next. I also do family and portrait shoots as well. My wife is also a very important part of my business, she is a great help on wedding days, she is fantastic at posing the group shots and helping out with second shooting, and she makes the day go a lot smoother for me!

Its been a great but very busy year and quite the learning experience. like most new photographers my pricing at the beginning wasn’t were it should be, however I have been able to quickly raise my pricing and am actually getting ready to raise them again in the new year. Podcasts like this one as well as The Photo Biz Exposed podcast have really been a huge help in guiding me through all this!

Also like a lot of the other listeners and interviewees of this podcast I have a regular day job (sort of) I have my own Janitorial business which is convenient because it leaves me flexible to work on my photography business.

I think thats about it

Here’s what Terry had to say when we him asked the 5 questions:

Question 1: What’s the one single thing that has had the largest positive impact on your photography so far?

Photography and business podcasts, as well as online training sites like Kelby Training….. (sorry that was more than 1!)

Question 2: If you could start over again from scratch, what would be the one thing you would do differently?

Not really sure, I would probably try and be a little more creative with the name of my business. Terry Richards Photography isn’t all that creative for someone in a creative industry is it?


Question 3: Who is the most influential photographer to you, and why? (Or, Which photographer do you admire the most, and why?)

Only one?? I don’t really have just one in particular, I really like Cliff Mautner, David Ziser, Joe Mcnally… If I did have to pick just one it would probably be Jay Maisel. As for why, kinda self explanatory isn’t it? Lol, they’re the best at what they do!

zak & Hayley-11

Question 4: If you able to give just one piece of advice to someone just starting out in their photographic career, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to raise your prices. Just about everyone is going to do 1 or 2 weddings on the cheap to gain experience and build a portfolio, and that is ok. But don’t get stuck there, its not that hard to raise your prices and still book work! Also make sure not to take on something as important as someones wedding day until you are sure you are ready, and are confident you can shoot the day without messing it up!

Question 5: Paint a picture: What is the one thing / place / person you would love to photograph and why? It can be a person or a moment from history. As part of this answer also tell us about what gear you’d use, what lighting, what looks, wardrobes, poses and expressions you’d make use.

Hummm…. Just about any important time in history, pick one, I think it would be awesome to be able to be there and document it, especially before cameras were invented. It would be amazing to have photos of People like Napoleon, or Alexander The Great. Any of the thousands of historical battles.


Well, thanks so much for taking part in the Q&A Terry. For more information about Terry and his work you can find him at all of the following places:


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