Podcast 14 – An Interview with Valerie Jardin

In Ready Steady Pro fashion: Episode 14 see’s us returning to an interview. Following on from the success of interviewing the likes of Frank Doorhoff and Andrew Hellmich, we’re back with another very well known photographer in our hotseat – Valerie Jardin of Valerie Jardin Photography.

Valerie Jardin Profile Pic-1

Valerie is a surprise package: being most known for frequent appearances on the massive ‘TWiP’ Podcast and of course being synonymous with street photography , Valerie was kind enough to share all sorts about herself including have been a studio owner, shooting weddings and not liking the experience, and making a living from shooting photographs only for herself.

This week Valerie and I also get into discission about the importance of family members and the role they can have on your success too!

Valerie Jardin Photography -Street photography-4

So, be sure to get comfortable and enjoy a delightfully educational listen.

Sit back and enjoy this episode of Ready, Steady Pro! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

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This weeks Topic

An Interview with Photographer Valerie Jardin

Today’s Little Gems

  • Contact at least 5 potential customers every day! (more in the show, listen to the end!)

Show Notes / Links

Valerie Jardin
Digital Photography School

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
Valerie Jardin


2 thoughts on “Podcast 14 – An Interview with Valerie Jardin

  1. […] The last episode of the podcast, episode 14 was released on January 13th. I remember saying at the start of that episode that my newborn son was sleeping well at the time and that I didn’t want to jynx it.Well, I did just that! That first week he was sleeping wonderfully but almost immediately after that episode was released he started to wake during the night. Suffice to say we were tired! Add to that the fact we have an energetic two year old daughter too meant that my poor wife was left holding a sleepless baby and chasing after a bundle of energy. […]

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