Back from the Christmas Holidays

Hey guys!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and got all of the camera gear that you asked Santa for? 🙂

I know, I know, things have been a little on the quiet side as of late. Well, it has been Christmas! I’ve spent a few weeks at home with my wife and daughter, taking it easy and really enjoying some great family time. Over the past 12 months we’ve moved house twice and have had all sorts keeping us incredibly busy, so we agreed that over the Christmas period I’d step away from Social Media, put down the podcasting mic and spend some quality time with family. I must say it’s been great and a really relaxing couple of weeks. I’ve been itching the whole time to record interviews, chat with photographers for the podcast and get back on here, writing for the Ready Steady Pro blog.

As I mentioned at the end last episode of the Podcast (Episode 12) My wife and I are expecting our second baby any day now. In fact, our little boy was due on December 23rd – that’s now long gone and we’re overdue! So, at the moment we’re just taking each day as it comes. With our first child we were two weeks overdue, so we feel like we know what to expect. But, because my wife keeps having these false alarms I’ve effectively decided to put podcast recordings on hold: I don’t want to get half way through a great conversation and then have to dash!

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning though. January is sure to be a great month for the Podcast with an amazing selection of photographers coming on the show, including the one and only Valerie Jardin (frequent guest of the This Week In Photo Podcast, not to mention a great photographer and teacher), we’ve got the amazing Tokyo-based Mr Martin Bailey lined up to come on the show. Martin, who you may know for his nature & wildlife work is also a master printer and supremely technical and talented photographer. Martin has written a number of amazing books, including ‘Making the Print’ and ‘Sharp Shooter’, so he really knows his stuff. Both Martin’s books are available through a company we’re always talking about right here on the Podcast: Craft & Vision. And finally, talking of Craft & Vision, we have the visionary, the humanitarian and the founder of Craft & Vision – Mr David DuChemin coming on the show too! David has agreed to appear on the show to talk about all sorts, including business, his appearance on CreativeLive and how his experiences have made him the man he is today.

So, as you can imagine, with these guys lined up to come on the show just in the month of January the Ready Steady Pro Podcast is starting off with a bang in 2014 and it’s going to be great!

For now, I’m back to blogging and I’ve got episode 13 of the Podcast in the works at the moment. It’s actually the audio that i’ve managed to extract from a Google+ Hangout I did just before Christmas. I’m keen to get that released as an audio-only episode too as I know many people much prefer to listen to the audio whilst they go about their daily business. For now though you can check out what will effectively make up Episode 13 of the Podcast below (check out the Hangout Video). Joining me for Episode 13 was:

So, for now I’ll be holding off recording anything new until the little one is here, but I’m  back to blogging and I’ve got a lot to talk about. Although I’ve been spending time with the family and having a little R&R my brain has been buzzing and I’ve got lots to write and share. So keep an eye on the blog, be sure to hit subscribe and if you haven’t already – go and check out the podcast!

So, all I’ve got left to do is wish you all the best for the New Year. May all your hopes, dreams, business plans and desires come true. Thank you so much to everyone who subscribes to the Podcast in iTunes & Stitcher Radio. Ready Steady Pro will be back on the airwaves in January!

(oh for a bit of fun check out me putting up my Christmas Tree in super high speed Stop Motion 😉 )

Thanks…Bye bye!


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