Podcast 12 – An Interview with Phil & Helen Silverman (Husband and Wife Team)

Episode 12 see’s us returning to the interview format, but today’s episode is an interview with a bit of a difference. Instead of our usual one-on-one chat, I’m instead talking to the wonderful husband and wife wedding photographer duo that is Helen & Phil Silverman.

That’s right. Helen and Phil featured on Episode 11 where we spoke extensively about pricing and even went on to talk about sales. Well, I enjoyed their company so much that I’ve invited them back on to the show so we can learn more about them and what it’s like to work alongside your Hubsand / Wife. They really are a husband and wife dream team. Helen, assumes the role of sales director, marketing director and everything else-but-main-shooter, allowing Phil to focus on the product: the shooting & post-processing. They each focus on their strengths and pull in the same direction, lending all of their best bits to their business. As Phil describes in the Interview; “Yin & Yang”.

As husband and wife teams become more common in the photography industry it was really great to be able to get the Silverman’s on the show to tell us about their dynamic and how they cope with it all. I know I couldn’t work with my wife and she would say the exact same too! So hats off to Helen and Phil!

In this episode I also finish up with a short discussion about stock photography with Phil, so there is something for everyone. Get ready for another cracking episode. Notepads to hand!

Sit back and enjoy this episode of Ready, Steady Pro! Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

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This weeks Topic

An Interview with Phil and Helen Silverman – wedding photographers

Today’s Little Gems

Show Notes / Links

Jeremey Cowart
Melissa & Jerry Ghionis
Frank Doorhoff
Martin Bailey
Zack Aria

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
Philip Silverman
Helen Silverman


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