Photography Q&A with Katariina Järvinen

As part of the Ready Steady Pro Q&A Series we ask photographers from all backgrounds, niches and skill levels to answer 5 questions for the blog. This week, we hear from Katariina Järvinen of Light Trick Photography.

Katariina has been working full time as a photographer since 2011. She is a wedding and portrait photographer, but also does commercial photography when not busy with weddings and portraits. In Katariina’s spare time she photographs nature – both flora and fauna – and also enjoys capturing the wilder side of human nature when she photographs the finest cabaret and burlesque shows of Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Here’s what Katariina had to say when we her asked the 5 questions:

Question 1: What’s the one single thing that has had the largest positive impact on your photography so far?

“The Internet” is probably too large a thing to name, so I will say joining Brighton And Hove Camera Club. I was a member for a couple of years and received excellent critique on my photos there (Excellent as in the critique was brutal and valid, i.e. high quality critique. My photos were rubbish when I first joined the club!). They have regular image competitions where the photos are judged in front of the whole club so everyone learns from the critique given to other people’s photos as well as their own. Thanks to the club I learned about The Royal Photographic Society and their distinctions, and pushed myself to get an Associateship ( The club have RPS distinctions mentoring nights where some highly skilled and experienced members of the club give advice and help with putting together a panel of images for the distinctions. I found it hugely helpful. Getting the Associateship from RPS gave me confidence in my photography and, in a way, proof that I had learned a lot since I started photography as a hobby a few years earlier.

Question 2: If you could start over again from scratch, what would be the one thing you would do differently?

I would get myself trained in how to run a photography business – before starting to run a photography business! I would have all necessary procedures and practices in place, starting from well set up and maintained client database to all aspects of accounting, and also proper good quality products to offer to my clients. As I didn’t have any of those in place from the beginning, I’m slowing catching up and sorting out the mess now.

Question 3: Who is the most influential photographer to you, and why? (Or, Which photographer do you admire the most, and why?)

To be honest I know very few famous photographers. But I probably admire the photography of Nick Brandt the most. His photos of African animals are majestic and simply stunning. The tones in his black and white images are so rich and delicious that I could look at any of his photos for hours and still find something new to admire.

Question 4: If you able to give just one piece of advice to someone just starting out in their photographic career, what would it be?

See my answer to question 2. Get trained on running a photography business! (if you are planning on working freelance). It will save you a huge amount of work and pain later.

Question 5: Paint a picture: What is the one thing / place / person you would love to photograph and why? It can be a person or a moment from history. As part of this answer also tell us about what gear you’d use, what lighting, what looks, wardrobes, poses and expressions you’d make use.

I photograph interesting people all the time and get huge pleasure from making a connection with someone new every time I have a portrait shoot. I have never aspired to photograph someone famous, as I find every person interesting to work with. What I dream of being able to photograph, though, is a takin in the wild. Takin is a ‘goat antelope’ that lives in the eastern Himalayas. I saw some in a fenced nature reserve in Bhutan a few years ago but there was no chance of going into the mountains and seeing them in the wild as a tourist. Takin is an endangered species and I would love the opportunity to photograph them to raise awareness and hopefully prevent their looming extinction. (And while at it, I’d love to photograph Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Dhole, and a whole lot of other endangered species in Bhutan, as well.)


Well, thanks so much for taking part in the Q&A Katariina. For more information about Katariina and her work you can find her at all of the following places:

Photo Critique:

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