A Letter From A Better You, To A You That Sucks

I was watching a TED Talk the other day (I know, I’m always watching them!) where an American Ex-Football Coach, Dr. Ivan Joseph, was talking about confidence. One of the things he mentioned, but very quickly brushed over during his talk, was the idea of writing yourself a letter or a short note when times are good.

This talk was not photography related at all, but, I saw many parallels between us and athletes (hear me out  )

  1. As an athlete, if confidence is low it’s hard to be at your best. (same as a photographer, right?)
  2. As an athlete to get through a bad patch you either have to play through it, or change what you do (same a as a photographer, right?)
  3. As an athlete, when things are going well, you’re on top of the world! (same as a photographer, right?)
  4. As an athlete, when you’re down, you’re down…You know what I’m going to say here (Same as a Photographer, Right?)

Well, what if, during those high points, when you’re flying and your work is at it’s best and everything you shoot is Gold Dust, what if you were to write yourself a note or a letter? What if, in that letter, you recorded what you thought made your work so good at that point in time? What if you wrote down things that were motivating you.

Like a motivational letter from your better-self.

In photography there will invariably be ups & downs. Try recording all those ups, putting them in a box or a folder, or a file (not a spreadsheet though  ) and when you’re low, or down or you feel like your work sucks – pull out that box and see how it makes you feel. Think of it as a box of positivity

I see this as a social experiment and would love to hear from people who do this and the impact this has on them.

I would love it if you could come back here to the website or to the Facebook Community in a few months and if this happens to you and let me know what impact this had. I’ll include a hash tag here at the bottom, so, if it’s months & months or a year before anyone experiences this, just go to the RSP community on Facebook or here to the website and search #confidence in the search bar . This post should appear. Then use the reply / comments box below to share your letter-to-self story.

Oh…and there is also a whole lot more value in this video too. Take a watch. Take notes:

(Originally posted on the Ready Steady Pro Facebook Group by Michael Rammell)


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