November Updates: Facebook Community, Podcast and RSP Weekend Meetup

Hi all! Just wanted to provide a series of updates for you. It’s now been 3 months since we started the group and the Podcast and it’s going very well, I must say!

The Facebook Community

Social Media Thumbs Up
Social Media Thumbs Up

I think it’s fair to say that the Ready Steady Pro Facebook Community has been a success. Everyone is sharing openly and sharing things that are very private in some cases too. That tells me that the group is very much a place where people feel comfortable. The feedback, the repsonses and the banter is superb. I’m really pleased that we’re getting a good mix of content too: current photography news, funny stories, links to great products and discounts and much, much more. The group really does seem to offer a lot of value! I for one very much enjoy being a part of the group! So, thank you to everyone who has joined and big thanks to the extra-active members who post on a very regular basis. You’re making the group great!

The Podcast

Ready, Steady Pro. The Podcast for Photographers Turning Pro
Ready, Steady Pro. The Podcast for Photographers Turning Pro

The Ready Steady Pro Podcast has been a roaring success. At the time of writing this update we’re now up to 10 Episodes, averaging just over 250 downloads per episode. We’ve bought on a sponser in Squarespace and as part of that deal we’ve arranged a discount code specifically for Ready Steady Pro listeners and community members. So, if you’re looking for a new website, give Squarespace a try and be sure to make use of the 10% discount by using discount code “READY” at the checkout, or by going to

Andrew Hellmich
Andrew Hellmich

Episode 9 was an interview with Andrew Hellmich, which I know many of you were very keen to hear. I really hope you enjoyed that one – the feedback and the chat in the community afterwards was, as always, very good.

Frank Doorhoff
Frank Doorhoff

Episode 10 will see us interviewing the huge, the massive, the world-renowned and very talented Frank Doorhoff. I’m really looking forward to sharing this one with you all. Frank has so much to share and everything Frank said was full of lessons, tips and advice. Frank was also very kind to offer us a massive 20% off of his downloadable training DVD’s over on his website. Be sure to check that out.


Staying with the subject of the Podcast we’re doing really well in iTunes. We’ve not got 13 reviews (all 5 star reviews, I may add!) and that’s keeping us up near the top in the ‘New & Noteworthy’ section. I’m sure at some point though iTunes will stop considering us as a ‘New’ Podcast so to ensure we keep appearing in other promoted parts of iTunes, such as ‘What’s hot’ we need to keep these reviews coming. So, if you haven’t already please head on over to iTunes and leave us a review. These reviews will go a long way to promoting the podcast, growing the community and creating more value for everyone.

The Ready Steady Pro Directory

Social Media is all about being social, so why not meet up? Sara Hazeldine had a great idea of putting together a Ready Steady Pro Member Directory where people can come and enter their location information. This will be a massive help when people are looking to arrange local meetups and photowalks. So, if you’re up in Scotland or down in Brighton – you should be able to find your nearest Ready Steady Pro member. So, head on over to Facebook, click ‘Docs’ in the RSP community and be sure to add your details there too. (this also includes twitter handles, Facebook links, email addresses etc.)

The Ready Steady Pro Weekend

Whilst we’re on the topic of meeting up – we’re arranging a Weekend of photography for Ready Steady Pro community members and Podcast listeners. We’re planning all sorts of fun including trying to get a couple of models along for people to try out all sorts of posing techniques. We’ll play with Off Camera Flash, we can practice portraits and lighting setups and much, much more. The aim is for the meetup to be fun and casual but to try and make sure that everyone who attends feels like they’ve improved over that weekend and learnt something new

The meetup will be based in the Midlands so that it’s central to the UK. Right now we’re looking for a plush venue such as a character hotel or stately home. It’s looking set to take place on the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of March, so if you’re up for coming along and meeting a great bunch of photographers keep that weekend free!. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with this simply sign up to the meetup mailing list below

Register for Ready Steady Pro Meetup Updates:


2 thoughts on “November Updates: Facebook Community, Podcast and RSP Weekend Meetup

    • More than welcome Mary. It’s a pleasure. The community is great, listenership to the Podcast is ever-increasing and it’s a real joy talking to so many talented and wonderful photographers each and every week.

      More than anything I’m really enjoying being able to offer so much good value content, discounts and advice for all those photographers on their way to success. It’s not easy, but I hope this group is helping to smooth the path for others 🙂

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