Photoshop & Lightroom: £8.78 with Adobe CC (No previous purchase required)

Previously, if you wanted to move in on the Adobe Creative Cloud deal to get CS6 & LightRoom 5 for the amazing low price of £ per month, you could only do this if you’d previously owned a copy of Creative Suite (either CS3, CS4 or CS5.)
Well now Adobe are letting everyone in on the deal! BUT ONLY FOR A FEW MORE DAYS!



Now, you can get the latest version of Adobe LightRoom and CC for the low, low price of £8.78 per month (Inclusive of VAT!). No previous purchase required. This deal is truly open to all!


Okay, Okay, I can see comments and all sorts coming my way about the pro’s & con’s of the Creative Cloud, but to be honest this post is purely intended to highlight the price and amazing availablity of the offer to everyone. I could spend the time pre-empting questions and defending Adobe’s plans but there are a few things stopping me:

1 – I’m not teally qualified to comment on what Adobe get up. All I do is continue to use their products and enjoy them
2 – Scott Kelby has already written an extensive Q&A blog. Why duplicate work, right?

If you want all the facts my advice would be to head over to Scott Kelby’s blog and check out the extensive Q&A Section he has going on there. Chances are the answer to your question is right there!


Click here to see the deal:


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