Podcast 1 – Websites, Customer Service & Business Strategies

This is somewhat a Pilot episode of the podcast, so please be gentle!

None of us had hosted our own podcast before so it made perfect sense to get together and just give it a try. As it turns out the result was something we were all pretty pleased with!

Click here to listen to the Podcast

This weeks Topics

1 – Website, Branding & Image
2 – Customer Service – How to Liaise with Clients
3 – Business Strategy – What’s Yours?

Show Notes / Links / Takeaways

Lee Jones uses Zenfolio for his website
Michael Rammell hosts his website using SquareSpace
Lel, Richard and Tracey all use WordPress for their sites
Lel, Richard and Tracey each use the ProPhoto (WordPress Plugin)
See Tracey Christina’s Stunning 365 Project on Facebook.   Part 1.  / Part 2.
Le Hurst goes one day better…Here’s the 366 Project
Zack and Jody Grey

This weeks Hosts

Michael Rammell
Lel Hurst
Tracey Christina
Lee Jones
Richard Hardwick


3 thoughts on “Podcast 1 – Websites, Customer Service & Business Strategies

  1. I found your podcast through Andrew Hellmich and have just finished listening to your fist show.
    I myself am trying to develop my love of photography into a business and podcasts just like yours have been a amazing resource of information to help me realise my dream. Michael mentioned his spreadsheet was posted on a forum somewhere ? Could you direct me to that link? Or send it to me directly? I have like so many photographers, skills behind the lens but the business side of things I find more of a challenge .
    Thanks in advance I am now off to listen to episode 2.

    • Hey Steve,
      Thanks so much for tuning in to the show. I hope it’s helping?

      I think many photographers, like yourself, are doing pretty well at the technical side of making a photograph but just want to improve at the business aspects of being a photographer.

      Sure – the Spreadsheet is available either through the Premium Membership Area of the Photobiz X Podcast or available through joining the Ready Steady Pro Facebook community, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/togsintransition/

      If you have any questions about the sheet please do feel free to ask me questions over in the community, or, on the thread on Episode 27 of Photobiz Xposed: http://photobizx.com/27

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